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Your strategic mental wellbeing partner; supporting and celebrating the capabilities, skills and contribution of people with mental difference in the workplace, and equipping organisations, leaders and colleagues to ‘open up’ and harness the productivity it brings.

  • Analysis by Oxford Economics confirms that workers with mental health challenges made an estimated £226 billion contribution to UK GDP in 2015 (12.1% of the country’s economic output)!

  • ACAS believe that mental ill-health, including stress, depression and anxiety, is thought to be responsible for 91 million lost working days in the UK each year, more than any other illness.

  • The HSE confirm in the Labour Force Survey that in 2015/16 stress accounted for 37% of work related ill health cases and 45% of working days lost due to ill health.

  • ACAS suggests that stress related illnesses equate to £30billion+ in reduced productivity, sickness costs and additional recruitment activity for UK businesses.

  • The OECD report into the cost of mental ill health to UK Plc recommended all UK employers carry out workplace screening for depression and anxiety.

  • The overall impact of stress and mental ill health on UK Plc is thought to be in excess of £100 billion according to the Independent Commission on Adult Acute Mental Healthcare.

What We Do


Unique and proprietary conference and workshop format, to enable colleagues to accrue and share knowledge, support, guidance and innovation on mental difference, in an ‘open’ and ‘safe’ environment.

Creates informed, compassionate and motivated employees, committed to normalising the conversation and narrative surrounding mental difference, and equipped to identify and support colleagues showing the characteristics of mental difference challenges, and/or, those colleagues who ‘open up’ at work.


Unique psychoanalytical diagnostic tool, that identifies the work and domestic related stress factors affecting personal and business productivity across the workforce, linked to the personality and behavioural profile mix of the entire organisation.

Confirms the existence of problematic and non-problematic stress types and their concentrations, based on the resilience and coping capability characteristics of the people within the business, enabling it to focus its wellbeing resources on the areas that will have most impact.


Two day session to enable an organisation to define its vision and strategy for embracing and harnessing mental difference, and what it needs to do to deliver the strategy, communicate it to all stakeholders and align it to the overall wellbeing, people and business strategies.

Enables effective communication around a common strategic plan, for stakeholders tasked with implementing it, along with an understanding of the resource and investment required, and the productivity gain targets, deliverables and measures.

ENABLE Mental Difference

Your trusted and strategic advisor to develop and deliver your mental wellbeing programme across the organisation. Experienced and authentic consultancy to provide end to end support to employees with intimate mental illness experience and optimise their contribution to the business.

Manage the relationships with, and delivery of, supplementary third party specialist vendors, including; discovery, validation, business case, request for information/tender and implementation phases, via subject matter expertise and senior level business leadership and global HR experience.

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