Unique psychoanalytical diagnostic tool

A unique, secure and online psychoanalytical diagnostic tool, which identifies work-related and other sources of stress and/or anxiety across the organisation.

  • Surfaces the hierarchy of stress factors likely to be affecting; 
    • mental and physical wellbeing,
    • personal and business productivity,
    • absenteeism and presenteeism
    • effective recruitment programmes,
    • talent management,
    • retention,
    • employee relations.
  • Identifies remedial training requirements and solutions, including but not limited to;
    • management development,
    • cultural change,
    • communication and motivation skills,
    • specialist training (fitness, diet, relaxation etc.),
    • personal coaching,
    • counselling,
    • appraisal systems,
    • revision of job descriptions and job responsibilities,
    • provision of personal development and education plans.

Empowers future strategy and enables ongoing wellbeing investment to be targeted to where it will have most impact.