Collegiate mental difference discussion, sharing and support

Mental illness directly affects at least one in four workers each year, and UK business has responded extremely positively and openly to the awareness raised by Government, media, the Royals, celebrities and sports personalities.

However, companies are still unsure how to start their mental wellbeing journey to support their employees, and increase productivity and brand value.

APeopleBusiness does and delivers a unique and proprietary format for both large group and smaller workshop events, based around;

  • authentic personal storytelling,
  • subject matter expertise,
  • strategy development.

If you are looking to start, evolve or sustain your mental wellbeing journey and internal conversation to;

  • improve the working lives of your employees,
  • increase productivity and brand value,
  • energise your talent attraction and retention strategies,
  • mitigate risk…

…the first or next step is a conversation with us.